Your Attitude determines your Altitude

Attitude is the one thing all human beings have complete control of and yet many
unknowingly choose a negative attitude. If we understood the power of our own attitude in
our lives, most of us would change it immediately. How many times have you been told to change your attitude? That is a common order from most parents and teachers!

Attitude is created by your thoughts, feelings and actions. Your mind controls feelings and
decides whether these feelings will be positive or negative through your thoughts. Your
body then follows these thoughts through actions and behaviors. It sounds simplistic
because it is.

Through our thoughts, we create an attitude. This attitude is expressed based on how we
internalize ideas. Our mind and body move into a new vibration of conscious awareness
known as feelings. These feelings are then displayed through actions and behaviors that
produce the results in our lives.

Attitude [Thoughts + Feelings + Actions] = Results

Imagine feeding our minds with positive thoughts and flow through the process. We will
end with positive results. Now imagine feeding our minds with negative thoughts and flow
through the process. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

By changing our thoughts, we can change our attitude, which will ultimately change our
results. Attitude is the creative cycle that allows us to feel a certain way and then take the
necessary action to a specific result.

Start with the end in mind and make the decision that today is the day to change your